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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop

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Notez is back! This program has been nearly 10 years in the making. Progress has come but has met with circumstances beyond anyone's control and we had to put the Notez program on hold for a time. The door is once again open and we are re-launching The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop.  We are asking for your help!  Your contributions are needed and there are a variety of ways you can help.
*Service Donations
We are always needing service donations of different kinds. Look over the Notez Agenda to see if you can provide a service that would be appropriate for this effort.  You can also contact Kelly to see what services are most needed at that time.
* We are always looking for great music and art lesson plans. If you would like to contribute a lesson plan/activity, remember to include your name so you can be recognized!
*Material Donations
Our workshops provide supplies for students. Material Donations include supplies and equipment which is used in our workshops. Please contact Kelly to see what materials are needed and arrange for a Material Donation.
*Monetary Donations
If you would like to donate money to The Notez Program, you will be contributing to both this program and Autism Research. 10% of every monetary donation goes to Autism Research with the other 90% going to support the development and operation of The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop.
Coming Soon:  Make secure dontaions online via PayPal!
or send donation via snail mail to:
The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop
1255 Deck Rd.  London, OH 43140
*You can make your check or money order out to Notez or, to The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop
*Accounts/Funds are monitored by the State of Ohio, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell's office.  A copy of our Articles are available upon request.
*Volunteer List
Whether you are local to our area or a participant online we are always needing volunteers. If you would like to contribute your time and expertise, add your name to our volunteer list by sending us an email. Please specify in the Subject Line of your email 'volunteer'.  See contact button below.
*Notez is a registered Non-Profit Organization through the State of Ohio. 
Thank you for visiting our site and for your contributions. Everyone will be credited.

Make it happen with Muzic & Art!