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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop

Notez III

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Introducing Notez III!

Notez III provides ‘one on one’ music & arts related programming to encourage and support the development and the improvement of the quality of life in developmentally and physically challenged adults and children.

Each client is assessed initially to determine personal likes and dislikes, range of ability, current needs, and future goals. By utilizing the concepts of Music, Art, Dance, and Theater, Notez III is able to enhance and support the client’s programming as well as expose each client to the concept of the Arts.

Notez III activities work to provide a variety of support for the following:

Achievement of Individual Goals

Early Childhood Development

Encourage Independent Living Skills for Teens and Adults

Positive Social Interaction and Development

Encouragement of Exceptional Ability

Advocate for the inclusion of those with disabilities in all areas of the Arts.

*Workshops are offered free to all those developmentally and physically disabled individuals in Madison County*

Make it happen with Muzic & Art!