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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop

Notez Copyright/Disclaimer

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Notez Copyright/Disclaimer

Ok, this is how it goes...
Notez is a community/online arts program which is registered as a Non-Profit Educational Support Organization with the State of Ohio.
Notez complies with all State and Federal Chairtable Laws and Copyright Laws.  All music, logos, artwork, writings, ect. remain property of the contributor and are used with permission only.
Notez reserves the right to refuse to post material that does not fall in line with the subject matter of this program. This is a FAMILY site and ALL inappropriate material and posts will be removed immediately.  Hate of any kind will not be tolerated.
In support of all artists and their rights to royalties, there will be no downloading of free music on this site; unless otherwise authorized by the appropriate agency. See The Recording Industry Association of America on Anti-Piracy laws and current developments.
Notez is not responsible for misuse of material beyond this website.
Notez does not claim to be an 'educational institution'. While our staff is well educated and more than qualified, our free workshops are used to 'share' music and arts activities with its students for educational  benefits.
The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop and The Bohemian Symphony Collection
are the property of MamaKel, the founder of this organization.
Copyright 1999, 2002, 2005   *All Rights Reserved*

Make it happen with Muzic & Art!