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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop

Notez I & II After School Program

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Notez I & II After School Program
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Notez I  ~ After school program is offered free to students in grads K-8.  Notez I uses music and art combined to encourage developmental assets and encourage student participation in music and art classes within our public school districts.  Students participate in both individual and class projects.

Notez II ~ After-school program is offered free to students in grades 9-12.  The concept of music production is used to teach students how to pursue music and art education and careers beyond the high school level.  Notez II provides students with a resource guide to give them informatin on college level music/arts programs; scholarships; internships; financial aid; and more. 

(Notez I & II are offered only in the Madison County Ohio area at this time, Notez I & II coming soon to Notez Kidz Online!


Make it happen with Muzic & Art!