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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop

Notez Staff

Notez Mission
Notez Staff
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Notez I & II After School Program
Notez III
Young Writers Notez
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Notez Young Artist Showcase
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The Arts & Learning Disabilities
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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop would not have been possible without the efforts and inspiriation of each one of the Notez Staff.  A special thanks to all staff members and many others who have contributed to The Notez Music & Arts Education Workshop!

Notez Executive Team

Kelly Creamer /   Founder, Program Director

Kimberly Buehler /  Administrative Director, Voice Instructor  

Heidi Carter / Chairperson of the Board/Contracts  

Nicki Harmon/ CPA Chief Financial Advisor

Donna Martin /  Account Manager

Mary Yippon / Grants & Pomotions

Aston Buehler / Program Development for Notez III

Kriston Buehler / Youth Art Director


Notez Advisory Board

Sherry Baldwin / Director of the Family Matters Literacy Program


Maggie Gates / Guidance Counselor - Tolles Technical School

Lori Thomas /  Director of Madison County Family Cluster   740-852-6342

Gretchen McCoy / Social Worker/Madison County MRDD Family Support Services  740-852-8088

Make it happen with Muzic & Art!