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The Notez Muzic & Artz Education Workshop

Notez Mission

Notez Mission
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The Notez Mission utilizes music and arts activities for a variety of benefits.  Notez is designed to offer a free music and arts based program to support the growth and development of individuals, both in our community and online. Notez serves as an advocate for the inclusion and recognition of individuals with disabilities in all areas of the Arts.  This program was inspired by and desinged for those with and without disabilities. Notez offers something for everyone, no matter what your ability. 

Notez Workshops are created with 'Key Developmental Assets' in mind.  This would include Academic Excellence; Effective Communication; Positive Social Development; Creativity; Positive self-expression; Goal Setting; and the importance of Teamwork.

Each workshop is composed of three Key Developmental Assets.  In addition to growth and development, Notez offers music and arts activities for the improvement of the quality of life, to support independent living skills; and to work as a positive in the recovery of those who suffer from longterm illness or injury.

Music and the arts are vital tools for learning. With the right tools anyone can succeed!

Make it happen with Muzic & Art!